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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day!

Well friends, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the Library will be closed.  I wasn't even going to stop in today, I still have to pick up a few things for my own feast with a group of vagrants tomorrow.  Still, I thought maybe I'd try to contribute to your festivities by posting our first recipe.  Thanksgiving-themed, of course!

Simple Hobo Thanksgiving Dinner
Four or five slices of turkey ham
Chicken broth (canned or fresh made)
Black pepper
Old bread
Stream water
Cooking pot (no smaller than a large tin can, no larger than a very small trash bin)
Wire strain
Spoon or short stick

Get your stream water nice and hot in your cooking pot over an open flame.  DO NOT BOIL.  Separate turkey ham into nice quarter-sized clumps and add to the pot.  When the meat is warmed, strain the water out but leave the meat in the bottom.  Add oil, chicken broth and black pepper.  Sop up the liquid and a couple good pieces of meat with your bread.  Enjoy!

In solidarity,

Train Tom