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Blog Title Card

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Purpose of this Blog

I'm not going to give a whole lot of background info on myself.  Part of the appeal of this lifestyle is our ability to escape certain paths in life and make a 'clean break'.  We transients, as a rule, are always looking ever forward, not back.

I touched on this earlier, but I wanted to formally state what the intended purpose of this blog is.  The content will vary widely, but will hopefully revolve around three key notions:

1.) First and foremost, this is a place for transients, by transients.  Others are welcome and encouraged to view and even participate, but let's be clear and respectful of the intended audience.  Ideally we will have here a place to share tips, tricks, advice, weather reports, recipes, gathering notices and other useful information that can be appreciated and utilized by those of a common mindset.  I am one of you, and our order has a lot of pride and history to it.  Let's always keep that in front of us.

2.) This is also a place for sharing our heritage with people unfamiliar with our ways.  Through discussion, the recounting of experiences, collaboration and other efforts, we can share a positive message with those who may not have otherwise given us a second thought.  In addition to sharing exclusively with the 'in' crowd, I hope to pepper in some useful information for the carpet-walkers out there.  Every once in a while we'll discuss the history of the transient lifestyle, define certain terms, how to interact with a vagrant and other sorts of knowledge-gathering activities.  This is a friendly place for all, and all shall feel welcome.

3.) Last but not least, this should simply be a fun and relaxing place for general perusal, regardless of your background.  I'm not saying I'll be the next Face Space, but I want to keep the topic material light and fresh.  That will mostly be on my shoulders, but I encourage participation by all.

You may contact me by electronic mail any time, day or night.  The address is

Let's keep things clean, respectful and insightful.  Let's follow the Five Pillars. This has the potential to be a really good thing.

In solidarity,

Train Tom