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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RECIPE: Peppered Eggs

A number of you have requested the recipe for the peppered eggs that I mentioned I dined on last week with a transient named Bread.  I found Bread early yesterday afternoon rolling dice out behind the post office, and he was kind enough to transcribe the recipe for me on a Five Guys Burger wrapper.

Peppered Eggs
Chicken (8-10) or Robin's (12-15) eggs, not too old
Large gallon size Zip-Loc bag
Crushed black pepper
Cooking pot (any size)
Pair of sticks
Stream water

Crack eggs (shells optional) into Zip-Loc bag.  Add black pepper, as much as you can spare ("There can never be too much!" says Bread).  Get your fire nice and hot and bring your stream water to a boil.  Submerge the bag of eggs completely in the hot water, boil vigorously for at least 30 minutes.  Use the pair of sticks to retrieve the bag, allow to cool slightly so that bag can be handled.  Depending on how you like your eggs, mash them up to desired consistency.  Add fresh pepper and serve directly from bag.

Note:  Single serving (1 chicken egg, 2 robin's eggs) can be prepared for light eaters.  A sandwich-size Zip-Loc bag or a CLEAN prophylactic can stand in for the full size bag.

In solidarity,

Train Tom