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Saturday, January 15, 2011

RECIPE: Fried Ketchup Sandwiches

Ketchup packets are a gift from the vagrant, easily portable, nutritious and darn good.  They can serve as a lovely condiment, a delicious accouterment to a meal, or--in a pinch--a fist full of packets can make a damn fine dinner on their own.

Sometimes, though, it's nice to throw our standard dishes a curve ball and get some new ideas for dressing up old ingredients.  I'm going to kick us off with an easy, inexpensive alternative to straight ketchup, Fried Ketchup Sandwiches.  Feel free to send me other ideas and I'll publish them as well--the mail bag is always open,

Fried Ketchup Sandwiches
3 ketchup packets (fast food style)
2 slices of bread

Lube up the pan with a fair slather of oil or grease.  Also wipe some on one side of each piece of bread. Heat the pan good and hot over a low open flame.  Apply contents of ketchup packets to ungreased side of one slice of bread.  Placed greased side down on pan.  Place other slice of bread on top of ketchup, greased side up.

Allow to fry for one full singing of Back Alley Kitty Cat (about 1.5 minutes).  Flip over sandwich, sing again.  Bread should be crispy and brown on both sides.  Enjoy!

Note: For a South-of-the-Border flare, replace one ketchup packet with a fast-food style mild taco sauce packet.

In solidarity,

Train Tom