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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TIP: Lip Balm Recipe

A common complaint during the cold, dry winter months is sore lips.  The arid air robs our smackers of their natural moisture, and it can get to the point where wetting them with saliva can become extremely painful.

Lip balm can be a luxurious comfort on these long winter nights.  However, we all know the feeling of trading away good food or potables for something seemingly unessential (although those suffering from chapped lips might argue that moniker!)

A simple, effective solution is to use a few common garbage scraps and resources you may have lying around to make up your own batch.  Plus, you're likely to even have some left over, to give away or for trade!

Vagrant Lip Balm
1.5 inches of candle wax.
Smear of grease
Dollop of oil (preferably olive oil, but any will do)
Dollop of honey
Heating stone
Individual tins

Get a small fire good and hot.  Smear a 3" diameter of grease on a heating stone.  Warm up the heating stone until it is hot enough to make the candle wax nice and malleable.  Add oil and honey.  Crunch up the multivitamin until it is a fine powder, incorporate into goo with stick.  Ladle individual servings into tins.  Allow to cool thoroughly before using.  Do not eat.

In solidarity,

Train Tom