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Thursday, August 9, 2012

RECIPE: Summer Sizzlin' Pulled Pork

I talked recently about the wonderful, varied tastes of summer.  To this old bag-man, nothing accompanies a hot summer day better than some greasy and flavorful barbeque.

This one's a keeper, friends.  Why not give 'er a try tonight?

Pack of salted ham lunch-style sandwich slices
Three good handfuls of bbq sauce packets (free, with a little insistence, at most fast food restaurants and gas stations)
Two mustard packets
Taco sauce packet (optional)
Bread/Bun pieces (optional)
Tin foil
Small cup of water
Clean stick
Metal box with holes in the sides
Three good smears of grease or oil

Get a medium sized fire going.  Set the metal box on top of it.  Make sure holes are punched in the sides of the box so that the fire can stay good and hot underneath it.  Allow the box to get very hot to the touch.

Meanwhile, form a shallow bowl out of a few sheets of tin foil.  Smear the bowl down with a goodly amount of grease or oil.  Put the tin foil bowl on top of the box, and let it warm.  Drizzle a few swigs of water onto the tin foil bowl, it should sputter and steam up real nice.

Empty all of the condiment packets into the sputtering water.  Mix it up nice, so that it is a consistent light brown color.  Using the rag, carefully remove the bowl from the heat.

While the bowl and barbecue slurry is still good and warm, add all the meat slices to the bowl one at a time.  Mix the sauce so that it slathers both sides of all meat slices.

Put the bowl back on the metal box.  As it heats, add small amounts of water periodically so that it doesn't burn.  Allow the sauce to reduce and thicken.

Using the rag, remove the bowl a final time.  Lay out bread.  When the meat is cool enough to handle, pick up each piece and "pull" it apart into small chunks or strips.  Fill each bread piece with a generous amount of meat.  Drizzle sauce over the top of each, and add pepper to taste.

Yum, yum!  It's a lot of work, but it's well worth it.  I find it's best to cook this up just before nightfall, so I can sit back in front of my fire in the warm summer dusk, listening to the crickets and enjoying life.

In solidarity,

Train Tom