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Blog Title Card

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Full Compliment of Appendages

Friends, let's be thankful, those of us that have a full compliment of appendages.  Can you imagine what life would be like without an arm, or a leg, or a hand or a foot or even a few of our precious fingers or toes?  We may not appreciate them all on a daily basis, but we utilize these appendages more than we tend to realize or appreciate.

If you have full use of all of your facilities, try to take some time to appreciate them.  Care for them, allow them a warm soak in a truck stop sink, or rub them down with some spare oil.  Our arms and legs do a lot for us, friends.  Let us not forget that.

And if you happen upon a poor soul who has a hook for an arm or a solid oak block for a foot, give him a hand, so to speak.  Help him out, make something easier for him.  Something simple, but meaningful.  I guarantee you it will be appreciated.

In solidarity,

Train Tom