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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recipe: "The King's" Nutty Buddy Fried Elvis Sandwich

It was 56 years ago today that the world was first introduced to a motion picture starring Elvis Aaron Presley, things would never the same again.

The "King of Rock & Roll" led a long, industrious career, and is probably best known for his love of savory fried nut-based sandwiches.

In that vein, here is an Elvis-inspired recipe of my own concoction, that I think you will like very much.  The Sandwich has left the building, and entered your belly!

"The King's" Nutty Buddy Fried Elvis Sandwich
Grated yellow cheese (or regular cheese sliced fine with a pocket knife)
Four or five packets of fast food condiment Mayonnaise
Three index fingers full of peanut butter
Half a handful of salted peanuts
Square of chocolate
Shallow bowl
Turning stick

Oil up a pan and get it nice and hot and sputtery.  Butter two slices of bread.  In the shallow bowl, mix the cheese, mayonnaise and peanut butter.  Slather the spread onto one slice of bread (non-buttered side).  Place the excess peanuts and chocolate on top.  Cover with the other slice of bread.

Lie one of the butter-sides of the sandwich down.  Leave to cook for a few minutes.  Use the stick to see when it begins to brown.  When it is ready, use the stick to turn it over.

Serve hot, so the cheese is gooey and the chocolate melted.  Enjoy!

In solidarity,

Train Tom