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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bean Pottage

On those coldest of evenings when even a deflected wind wants to cut deep to your bones, warm yourself up a nice soupy bean pottage and stoke the kindling of your body's hearth.

I like to take a nice can of red beans--the kind that are nice and meaty with flesh that just sloughs right off the bean curd--and get a good fire going.  I'll take a knife a pop a tab-sized hole in the top of the tin and set the can right down on the fire.  You'll know it's done when the slurry begins bubbling up from the hole.

Carefully take the can, using an article of clothing or a handful of rags to protect your fingers from the flame. The hot can will soon warm these protestants and your hands below them.  After allowing the can to settle, drink the pottage straight from the can.  It will be nice and warm and bubbly, delicious.  Afterward you can choose to pop the lid and eat the dry ingredients right then and there, or save them for the next day's meal.  Anything to warm us from this bitter cold!

In solidarity,

Train Tom